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Still want to buy that used dryer off Marketplace?

The mindless scroll through your Facebook feed comes to an abrupt halt. The algorithm geniuses know you've been searching occasionally for a dryer since yours has been on the fritz. And there it is right before your eyes- like a shining beacon of hope in the darkness. A local seller has listed their dryer for sale on Marketplace. And it's at an incredible price! Nothing wrong with it! Just upgraded and need to get rid of ASAP! You message the seller and they confirm it's still available. They've already installed their new dryer so this old one is already moved out to their garage and waiting for a new owner. You go check it out, pay them, and load it up to take home. If you're lucky, the dryer cord matches the outlet at your home; otherwise you're off to the closest home improvement store to spend some more money and risk exchanging the cord yourself (hopefully with the help of some trustworthy youtube videos). And then, SURPRISE! There's a weird odor and it quits working within the first few loads of laundry you run through it. The seller is unresponsive and you are now on the hunt again for a replacement dryer (with the added insult of a lighter wallet).

Dangerous lint coating the inside of a dryer
View of lint on internal dryer components

We've heard plenty of horror stories from customers that bought a used appliance from one of the many online sales platforms. They usually get it for a decent price, get it home, and it either doesn't work right away, or has obvious issues. Now they have to go buy another appliance, and their budget is less because there's no way to recover the money wasted on the defective appliance. They are understandably worried about investing even more money on a used appliance, but now can definitely not afford to buy a new one.

We understand the hesitation many have with buying a used appliance. The fear of the unknown. Was it used properly? Was it overloaded? Was it used in a household with lots of animal fur and smells? Soiled clothes that didn't quite get clean because the washing machine was overloaded? Greasy clothes from a mechanic? A lint fire waiting to happen? Why are they REALLY selling it?

The good news is that with a little bit of research you can save yourself money in the long run and buy a reliable used appliance. Check out reviews of local used appliance businesses near you. Do any of those businesses offer delivery? What does their warranty policy look like, and how long will you be covered? What types of payment will they accept? Do they offer financing?

At Quality Pre-Owned Appliances, we have been providing certified used appliances to the greater Knoxville area since 2002. We have continued to grow during those years because we only sell reliable appliances that have been thoroughly refurbished and cleaned. Come see us at 1916 Grand Avenue in Knoxville and buy with confidence!

One last piece of advice: don't buy a dryer from this lady!

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